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    A developed society where everybody has equitable access to quality, humane, comprehensive and integrated healthcare services, and transforming healthcare to achieve optimal health for everyone.


Building and improving efficient and integrated quality healthcare services in corporate partnership with international health experts and stakeholders to ensure healthy and safe lifestyle at affordable and cost-effective rates.
.Placing great value on collaborative interactions, and fuelling ground-breaking innovative advancements in healthcare services.

.Embarking on reaching the grass root population via networking with health professionals, hospitals, health centers, clinics, pharmaceutical outlets and medical diagnostic centers

Core Values

HC will accomplish its mission and vision through adherence to its core values:
Pursuit of excellence
Focus on the patient/client



:: DNA testing, NIPT , PGD/PGS Testing, Genetic Carrier Screening, and other diagnostic tests in corporate partnership with DNA Diagnostics Center and Molecular/Genetic Diagnostics Centers in U.K , U.S.A and other partnered countries.
:: Importation and exportation of medical equipment and products
:: Organizes A-list coordinated, continued and integrated international health related consultations, referrals and transfers.



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